Exclusive Mixtape//Just Jack

Born in Camden, Allsopp grew up listening to dance music including breakdance, electro hip hop and house. An amateur breakdancer at eight, he started DJing at the age of 15 and he soon became submerged in DJ culture and UK garage.

Allsopp’s debut album, titled The Outer Marker and was released in 2002 by the independent label RGR Records, was a collection of songs about modern life, relationships, and the pressures of social situations. The album spawned three singles “Paradise (Lost & Found)”, “Snowflakes” and “Triple Tone Eyes”.

He performed at Glastonbury Festival, V Festival and T4 on the Beach in 2007 and again at Glastonbury Festival in 2009.

He was set to release his third album, titled All Night Cinema, on 31 August 2009, preceded by first single “Embers”, which had its premiere on BBC Radio 1 on 12 January 2009 and second single “The Day I Died”, which became Jack’s second highest charting single on the UK Singles Chart. “The Day I Died” was also used in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. Both singles peaked inside the top 20. The original choice for second single was “Doctor Doctor” but the single release was subsequently postponed.

Now it has incredible mixtape //Download:
Exclusive Mixtape//Mixed By Just Jack

Listen preview at Soundcloud:
Exclusive Mixtape//Mixed By Just Jack (listen)

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