Replica – [Loneliness + Civilization]

Loneliness + civilization

Loneliness + civilization

Replica´s style is a blend of 70s post punk experimentalism, 80s electro pop and 90s IDM. The project emerged from another project called Mongolia.
Founded by Erich Martino (39 a radio personality and dj in mexico) Leonardo Lambertini (24, one of the top bloggers in the country) and Mario Ponce (27), early Replica was described as electro clash but in order to distance themselves from the mexican dj scene and make their live performances more intresting they asked guitarrist (Humberto Polar, 43, dj, advertising creative director and label manager) and bassist ( Antonio de la Llata, 34, owner of an adverting agency, originally a drummer) to join the band, Leonardo took the duties of drums, Erich turned into Replica´s crooner, and Ponce turned into the electronic soul of the band. For a while Marco Chavez (26) joined the band and cowrote many of the album most notable riffs. Despite their considerable young career they have managed to collaborate with Client, be compiled by Dj Hell and remix artists such as Placebo and Zoe. They played as opening act for Colder, Client, Nitzer Ebb, Secret Machines and Ladytron, and played in some of the most important rock festivals in Mexico City (Vive Latino, Corona Fest)

Written throught the bands career (2003-2007) their full length is an amalgamation of different styles and ideas, united by the concept of a future gone awry, where the promise of a better life through technology never arrived. Its almost a Hyperlink album, full of obvious references and tributes to everyone from Dj Shadow to Pink Floyd. It includes 5 intrumentals, 5 songs, 2 live songs (one of them a mashup/cover of The Cure´s A forest and Roxy Music´s Love is the drug) and a lot of noisebits. It features Guili Damage on the Theremin in 2 tracks.


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