Jamie T – Sticks and Stones EP

Jamie T has always been a favourite of mine. From his early Panic Prevention mixtapes (which were actually tapes he handed out at shows, although i got mine through eBay) which featured a stupidly wide range of musical tastes and genres. To his critically acclaimed debut album which reached number four in the UK charts, also called Panic Prevention, Jamie T has never strayed from his roots to fit into a genre or be someone people might want him to be.

With his scruffy haircut and clothes, his Wimbledon accent and his encyclopedic knowledge of music Jamie has kept his feet firmly on the ground through what have been an extraordinary few years for the 23 year old.

Now that Jamie has a brand new EP coming out and a near sold out tour the hype is set to begin again. It will be interesting to see if Jamie can once again handle it and produce the goods with his follow up album.

So far the signs are extremely good. Individual song Fire Fire was available through the Jamie T website via video stream and mp3. The song was a good solid energetic tune but took a few listens to get into and is by no means his best work.

The latest track, title track to his Stick ‘N’ Stones EP, is more like what you would expect from a Jamie T track. Catchy, upbeat, quirky and very clever are all words you could use to describe most of Jamie’s tracks. Sticks ‘N’ Stones, however, actually improves on this formula and takes everything that made his debut album such a pleasure to listen to and improves upon it.



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